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Last season was another spectacular season of baseball Season Win Totals for Mr X.  After 19 seasons off making picks on the Steve Czaban Show (and a white hot record of 76-19!), we launched the website.  Could the crazy 80% continue?  Well, yup.  The TOP FOUR picks won very easily and his 10 plays went 7-3, putting the 20 year record at

83 winners and only 22 losers - and 19 winning seasons.  

Check out the 3 different subscription plans available for 2020 and find the one that is right for you!  Mr X always recommends you have at least 2 or 3 places to play!  Baseball Season Totals tend to vary quite a bit by shop, so having multiple options will keep you from betting into a bad line! See the "Betting & Resources" tab (or bottom of this page) for recommendations where to safely open new accounts.

Don't wait until last minute to get them set up!  

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