Join MR X for Football 2020

Last year, 2019, was our inaugural season with membership plans on the website.

It was good, but far from our best year.

Dano won our "Sharps Pot" hitting 61% in NCAA (to Mr X's 58%).

After much thought - we are improving the format for 2020. 

Dano and Mr X will be working TOGETHER instead of competing!  Each week we will release top NCAA & NFL  picks on GAME DAY! We will also include individual selections for every NFL game, but will work together to come up with our "Best Plays" each week.  We will also offer a "First Half" plan for those that want to spread out payments, are Corona skeptical, (or are non-trusting of our long history of success!)  Of course there's significant savings for the full year plan.  

Find out how Mr X does it!

You've heard him on The Steve Czaban show - now get the inside scoop.

Learn from the master as he uses statistical analysis to teach you how to gamble smartly. Become a member and get exclusive access to podcasts, personal recommendations, the X Files Blog, and trusted links to help you successfully enjoy the mysterious "Dark Arts"!


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