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Mr X always says:

"Winning is nice, but getting paid is even nicer!"

If you need to find an on-line service, consider these factors:

  1. How do I get paid?

  2. How long does it take?

  3. Are customer service reps available?

  4. And most importantly: How do I get paid?


Each has different advantages, but all are reliable Sports Books and Casinos.  Top rated, excellent customer service, large menu of available wagers, and most importantly GET PAID!

Just click on a Banner above and get an even better deal when you open a new account. 

Having 2 shops is always a great option.

Overall, I love the Jazz Sports and also 5Dimes.  If you want to know best for your needs, drop me an email and I'll help!

I welcome feedback and experiences, just send me a note via this site! 






For both opening & up to the minute lines, plus ability to look up historical data, a great site.




Where's the Public Volume?




While there are many sites & any statistician will tell you that once there’s a decent sample size, it doesn’t matter which you use, (as long as not a built in bias), this is a good site. While I rarely advocate go “against” or “with” public, I always want to KNOW what’s going on as part of the analysis!




STEVE CZABAN – Yeah of course! 




Need a “take” on what’s going on in the world of sports? OR just the world? The Czabe is simply the best! It seems so many media personalities either “tow the line” OR try to grab notoriety by being controversial - but the Czabe is my favorite because he really just plain “gets it!” Doesn’t try to be attention getting like so many others today, but also “answers to no-one,” so it ain’t boring, for sure!

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