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NCAA pick for Wed night

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

I will be on GT UNDER for the 1st half. I expect the total to open at 23, but would expect it to drop to 22.5 or even 22.

Most shops don't put these up until about 2 hours till tip off. So you can't do it early, have to check closer to game time - but it will drop.

This is a very low total, but it won't scare me off because, 1) UVA Def will make life miserable for GT, and 2) when you have a theory, you have to let it ride, can't pick and choose WHEN to play. The game total will be 50, but I won't touch that because if a blow out (20 point spread), you are betting that the kids getting rare playing time will defend. No thanks.

I committed to playing this EVERY game this year. After that tough beat by Louisville, it fell to 17-4-1 on the season, with 3 to play. (Remember, it does NOT apply the 2nd time teams matchup, so the finale vs Louisv is NOT a play.) Just remember...well you know the rest.

POST GAME UPDATE: Line started at 23, and quickly went to 22. I got 22.5. GT came out hot w/15 points fairly early and I wrote it off as a LOSS. GT was on 22 at the 4 min TV TO, and never scored again! I'm happy w/the 0.5 pt win, although many settled for a miraculous "push"! GT was on the game total of 51 with 3:40 to play and again went blank down the stretch for a "push on 51" also. But I'm taking the win, making this play now 18-4-1 on the season, with 2 games left!

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