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Mr X first began publicly predicting Baseball Season Totals for "The Steve Czaban Show" way back in 2000.  His success was so overwhelming the word spread and quickly a national following emerged.  Over the next 19 years, he pounded out an unbelievable record on Baseball Season Totals, now standing at 76-19 (see chart below).  Yes, on the air hitting 80% during this 19 year run.  Or as The Czabe says, "Like Sherman through Atlanta!"


The legendary Mr X has been a long time contributor to the Czabe's local and national radio shows, serving as "gambling consultant" to all things sports betting and gambling.  

While he is NOT a tout service, (but probably should be!), he has been a trusted advisor to many players with key tips, sound strategies, and advice for those with the access and means to do it legally, of course!

Catch Mr. X on the popular daily podcast: CzabeCast He primarily appears every Friday on the "Premium Subscriber" show.  

Historical Chart of Mr X's Baseball "Season Totals"

as aired Live on the Steve Czaban Show
(View on desktop version only)

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