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It's Time for Football - Site now Live!

Yes, the website is finally updated and now can accept sign-ups for the football plans for 2022 season. I expect season totals to be up in a few days. Dano and I back at it this year, same format as last year. Let's GO! Remember, if you signed up for the full year in spring, you are already good to go.

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NCAA Update

To answer all the emails at once: The NCAA early games are on the site now. The Thursday evening will be up in about 2 hours. Sorry it's late, but tough week. Lots of work, now getting it all writ

Schedule Update!

The Daily NCAA picks will be up on website by Wednesday afternoon, and then daily each round. The MLB Season Totals and Gold Plan (all teams) will be up by Tuesday Mar 19. Let's Go!

MLB Season Totals Are on Site Now!

IF you are an MLB member and been waiting for the post, it's up now. Remember, I'm doing in 2 phases this year. Early picks (before moves) and final picks (before season). Phase one is now up - log


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