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NFL Season Totals Now Up on Site

Top picks for Over/Under Season Totals are now on the site. Mr X and Dano's are posted, X2 added this year too. Just remember, this is INCLUDED with the football packages, so don't sign up twice! But it is available separately for those who ONLY want season totals.

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MLB Plan Members can access this year's picks now. Remember, just go to the BASIC Members only page, or the GOLD Members only page. If you are a full year, "Team X" Member, then just go to the GOLD

I promised they'd be up by 7pm, and just made it. Although I admit I had to use West Coast time zone today to meet deadline. Have fun everyone. Let March Madness begin!

I expect to post Day 1 Tournament Picks by 7pm tonight! Please make sure you can log in and access your NCAA Members Only page (if you've signed up) well before the Madness begins! If you haven't si

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