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Incognito person wearing a hat which covers the face


Listen to snippets from classic shows...

Mar 2018 MLB Preseason Show

Oct 2017 Season Wrap-up Show

Mar 2017 MLB Picks: Czaban Show

2014 Farewell Show: First Retirement!

Mar 2014: Last Pick Show

2011 MLB Picks: Czaban Show

2010 MLB Picks: Sports Reporters Show


"Bet only as much as you can afford……to WIN!"

"WWCD! (Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner)"

"Winning is nice…..but getting paid is nicer"

"Error of Recency Theory"

"If the seasonal total is going to come down to the wire…why not just wait for “the wire”?"

"Rover and Over Theory"

"I don't need the '1'' that badly!"

"Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Special"

"Rubber Band Game!" (The Dano)

"Can I tell my brother?" (The Dano)

"Well, then I lose!" (The Dano)


Mr X

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