Drake is the Rover and Over!

Forget all the great conference title games today, the spot for my $ is on Drake +41 and OVER 50.5. Take each separately, and it will either be a 1-1 split or 2-0. The window for 0-2 is so small, it's time to go big here. If Drake gets a FG, the only loser is 45-3, 46-3 or 47-3. And I think Drake can score on Iowa St. After they get 1 TD, you can go watch the big conference title games.

If it goes 2-0, which I suspect it does, will likely throw that right onto Clemson -27 over PItt. Pitt can't score on Clemson. 27 is a lot, but not when you can't score 10 points, and Pitt can't vs Clem.

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