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Keeping Score of the "Best Bets"

Doing weekly "Best Bets on the Czabecast", Mr X managed to go 28 - 18 for a nice 62% year. Don't get me wrong, I'll take that every year, but it pales in comparison to Czabe lighting it up at 13-5 for a sizzling 72%!

Playoffs were even better, as picking all the games on the "Friday Football Five Ways" podcast, Czaban went 7-3! Missed the Patriots twice :-)

But, that's only good enough for 2nd place, as Mr. X went 8-2, missing both Eagles games!

I'm happy to call it a year, and turn thoughts to baseball season.....but I guess there's one more game!

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After going 7-1 in NFL (11-1 units) yesterday to finish the NFL season at 64.7% , I'm feeling quite happy today. So, I decided to give away my quick writeup for tonight's NCAA title game - for free.

This week's pick was too easy!

On the Friday Premium Czabecast, Mr X said take GT UNDER their total in the first half. It went off at 23 or 23.5. They limped to a 19. Easy W. The theory is now 20-4-1 this season. Just ONE game

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