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Rover 'n Over Alert Aug 27

Here's a little start of season nugget for all site members. No time to explain the "Rover n Over" now, but Fla A&M +45 and the OVER 55 today (8PM). Do NOT parlay! I play 2 straight plays. The odds are we go 1-1 and loose the "juice", but WAY better chance of 2-0 than 0-2. If you already subscribed, you will find write ups on your member's only pages, (Green or VIP). Make sure you have access before crunch time next week! If you haven't subscribed, take what you win today and subscribe tomorrow!:-) Also, the RESOURECES TAB on has good Sportsbooks if you need a new one, click there. Note: Looselines gives my guys -105 lines! I consider that a way better option than all of those "bonus money" scams. -105 helps you forever, the other is play money.

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